2023 Land Book

Disclaimer of Warranties

The purpose of this web site is to provide general public information. The completeness, timeliness and availability of data are not immediately updated and the accuracy of such content and data is not guaranteed. Patrick County does not assume any liability for the use or misuse of the public information. All features and data are provided "AS IS" with no warranties of any kind. The official real estate records are kept in the Patrick County Commissioner of the Revenue Office phone number (276) 694-7131.

Land Books show the map number, name, address, brief description, value of land, value of improvements (improvements are any structures on the property regardless of the age), and total assessed value. The yearly Land Book will show owners as of January 1st of the taxable year, the tax rate is set annually by the Board of Supervisors normally in late March. Patrick County has twice year billing, bills are sent from the Treasurer with two vouchers for paying, the first is due by June 5th, second is due by December 5th of the taxable year.

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